Geometry and Topology Seminar - Organised by Vestislav Apostolov

Normally the Seminar is held Fridays at 11:00 AM in room PK-5115, Président-Kennedy Building, UQAM. All changes are indicated.
Date Speaker University Title
27 septembre 2018 Casey Lynn Kelleher Princeton Symplectic curvature flow revisited
28 septembre 2018 Jeffrey Streets University of California, Irvine Pluriclosed flow and geometrization of complex surfaces
5 octobre 2018 Dmitry Faifman Université de Montréal Lipschitz-Killing curvatures in pseudo-Riemannian and contact manifolds
12 octobre 2018 Georges Dloussky Université Aix-Marseille How to prove the GSS conjecture?
2 novembre 2018 Curtis Porter North Carolina State Nondegeneracy in CR Geometry
9 novembre 2018 Daniel Alvarez-Gavela IAS Princeton The multi-parametric Reidemeister theorem and higher homotopy groups of the space of Legendrian knots in the standard contact 3-space
16 novembre 2018 Joey van der leer Duran University of Toronto Hodge decompositions for Lie algebroids on manifolds with boundary
30 novembre 2018 Charles Doran University of Alberta Classification and Applications of K3 Surface Fibered Calabi-Yau Threefolds
7 décembre 2018, 10h00 Marcin Sabok McGill University TBA
7 décembre 2018 Eric Woolgar University of Alberta TBA
14 décembre 2018, 10h00 Frédéric Campana Université de Lorraine, Nancy TBA
14 décembre 2018 Dan Abramovich Brown University TBA
11 janvier 2019 Christine Guenther Pacific University TBA
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Geometric Group Theory Seminar - Organised by: Brahim Abdenbi

Wednesdays at 3:00 PM, Burnside Hall, room 1104, McGill
Date Speaker University Title
5 septembre 2018 Damian Osajda University of Wrocław Two-dimensional Artin groups and metric systolicity
12 septembre 2018 Yann Pequignot McGill University An introduction to Borel chromatic numbers
19 septembre 2018 Florestan Brunck McGill University Non-Obtuse Dissection of Tetrahedra
26 septembre 2018 Giulio Tiozzo University of Toronto Random walks and WPD actions
3 octobre 2018 Daniel Woodhouse Technion Revisiting Leighton's graph covering theorem
4 octobre 2018, 16h00, salle 1214 Ruth Charney Brandeis University A geometric approach to Artin groups
10 octobre 2018 Macarena Covadonga Robles Arenas McGill University Measuring complexity of curves on surfaces
17 octobre 2018 Camille Horbez Université Paris-Sud Growth under automorphisms of hyperbolic groups
24 octobre 2018 Marcin Sabok McGill University The Hrushovski property for hypertournaments and profinite topologies
31 octobre 2018 Ilya Gekhtman University of Toronto Growth rates of invariant random subgroups in negative curvature
7 novembre 2018 Timothée Marquis Université Catholique de Louvain On geodesic ray bundles in buildings
14 novembre 2018 Valentina Disarlo Heidelberg University Cubical geometry in the polygonalization complex
21 novembre 2018 Tomasz Prytuła Max Planck Institute Classifying space for proper actions for groups admitting a strict fundamental domain
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Symplectic Seminar - Organised by: Octav Cornea and Egor Shelukhin

The seminar meets on Fridays, from 1:40 to 2:40 at UQAM, room PK-5115. All changes are indicated.
Date Speaker University Title
21 septembre 2018 Baptiste Chantraine Nantes et UMI CNRS - CRM Categories associated to Legendrian links
28 septembre 2018 Michael Sullivan UMASS Amherst and CRM Cellular contact homology, augmentations and generating families for Legendrian surfaces
12 octobre 2018, 13h30 Dan Rutherford Ball State University Immersed Lagrangian cobordisms and augmentations
12 octobre 2018, 14h35 Jeremy Lane University of Geneva Gelfand-Zeitlin, Ginzburg-Weinstein, and partial tropicalization
26 octobre 2018 Baptiste Chantraine Nantes et UMI CNRS - CRM Categories associated to Legendrian links II
9 novembre 2018 Caitlin Leverson Georgia Institute of Technology TBA
16 novembre 2018 Amiel Peiffer-Smadja Nantes Functoriality of the Open-Closed map
30 novembre 2018 Egor Shelukhin Université de Montréal  
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