May 13-17, 2019

The workshop will center around spectacular recent progress in the direction of: (i) Diophantine approximation, rational points and holomorphic curves; and (ii) Hyperbolicity of moduli spaces and direct images of pluricanonical sheaves.

The conference will represent a timely culmination of related recent activities that have been supported by the Centre de recherches mathematiques, the Canadian Mathematical Society and related organizations.

A primary goal is to focus on advances in and around the main conjectures of Vojta and Lang, with an emphasis on results that have consequences for the arithmetic and hyperbolic geometry of orbifolds, moduli spaces and nearby geometric objects. To encourage the participation and professional development of graduate students and young researchers, the workshop will feature two minicourses given by Pietro Corvaja and Ariyan Javanpeykar. These lectures will introduce and explain key topics of interest.